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Bulk Order / Wholesale

Are you looking for large quantities? Do you have lash artist friends that want to partner up with you on an order?

We offer wholesale pricing for those ordering:

  • 50 lash trays+ use promo code 50plus
  • 100 lash trays+ use promo code 100plus 
  • 10 Purity Lash Baths + use promo code 10lashbaths
  • 10 Usain or Colette Glues+ use promo code 10glues
  • 10 Take It Off Removers+ use promo code 10removers
  • 10 Booster primers+ use promo code 10primers
  • 10 tweezers+ use promo code 10tweezers
  • 10 scissors+ use promo code 10scissors
  • 10 lash kits+ use promo code 10kits

If we are sold out of what you wish to order, email or text us.  We will personalize an order for you.