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CC EASY FAN  - .03  - Wispy Mix
CC EASY FAN  - .03  - Wispy Mix

CC EASY FAN - .03 - Wispy Mix

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Our personal touch of mixed lashes to add texture to your wisps. Each row is designed with 3 length combos. 

Our lashes are known for their softness. 

Thickness: .03mm
Curl: CC
Lengths: 7mm/8mm/9mm, 9mm/10mm/11mm, 11mm/12mm/13mm, 12mm/13mm/14mm, 13mm/14mm/15mm, 15mm/16mm/17mm, 16mm/17mm/18mm, 17mm/18mm/19mm, 19mm/20mm/21mm, 21mm/22mm/23mm, 23mm/24mm/25mm
Color: Matte Black Sheen (True Black, No Blue Hues)
Lash Type: Mink (Cruelty Free, Vegan)
Rows: 16 Rows 

All   lashes are purposefully handcrafted for the perfect curl while staying feather-light