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CC Feather Mink - .07 - Mix Length WHITE

CC Feather Mink - .07 - Mix Length WHITE

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Colors bring such happiness and warmth to life.  Seeing a rainbow in a person creates smiles to our hearts.  Add a little color to your lash sets!  .07 thickness is what we call safety.  It's thickness you can use for both classics and volumes. 

Our lashes are known for their softness and fluffiness.

Thickness: .07mm
Curl: CC
Lengths: 9-16mm
Color: White
Lash Type: Mink (Cruelty Free, Vegan)
Rows: 16 Rows
Breakdown: 9mm x 2, 10mm x 2, 11mm x 2, 12mm x 2, 13mm x 2, 14mm x 2, 15mm x 2, 16mm x 2

All   lashes are purposefully handcrafted for the perfect curl while staying feather-light


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